Rental Condition


1 - Checking Conditions

The client is responsible for checking the condition of the car as well as the fuel at the time of receiving the vehicle. The fuel in deposit should show the same level when returning the vehicle. Should you notice anything wrong with the car, please note you should claim at the time you receive it, TravelRent will not be responsible for any claims concerning either the condition or the fuel of the vehicle. Also, if for any reason client wishes to change the car during  its hire, he must come to the airport and have it replaced.


2 - Rate Includes

Rates include unlimited mileage, taxes and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).


3 - Excess and Responsability

The customer will be responsible for an excess in case of accident/collision with another vehicle, which value depends on the requested car group. This excess can be avoided by paying the insurance “Super CDW’ which value will also depend on the car group. The Super CDW will annul the payment of excess therefore. Please note that, in case of an accident/collision with another vehicle, customer must call the local authorities in order to obtain the report of the accident. (Phone number: 112). Important: Please note that the Super CDW doesn't cover the following: any damages to the vehicle in car parks, forced locks, wheels and tyres, glasses, mirrors or loss of documents or car keys, which are costumer's responsibility.


4 - Fuel

It is client's responsibility all the expenses incurred in case of filling in the deposit of the car with the wrong fuel.


5 - Cross-Border

Should you wish to take the car abroad please note you will have to notify TravelRent first and you must be aware that, in case of accident or breakdown in a foreign country you will be responsible for bringing the car back to the Portuguese border, since we are not allowed to tow it ourselves.


6 - Bookings

Vehicles supplied are always in accordance with the requested car group, not the model of vehicle.


7 - Deliveries/Collections

In the end of hire the car must be returned to the same car park it was delivered in the beginning: car park number 4. Should client leave the vehicle in the public car park he will be charged accordingly.


8 - Minimum Age

The minimum age required is 21 years old, except if a authorisation is requested and granted. There is no limit age for driving.


9 - Guarantee Deposit

A credit card imprint will be requested in the beginning of hire as a guarantee of fulfilment of the general car hire terms and conditions. This will be returned to client in the end of hire, if no extra charges will apply.


10 - Baby and Booster Seats

We do provide them, on request. The charge is 15,00€, for the whole hire, to be paid locally.


11 - One Way Rentals

During high-season we do not deliver/collect cars out of the airport. Mid and low seasons we deliver/collect out of the airport, on request, 30,00€ each way, in the Algarve only.


12 - Payments

Any major credit card will be accepted, as well as cash (Euros only).


13 - Extras - (navigation system/luggage rack)

We do not have this type of equipment in our fleet yet, although we can provide it on request. Luggage racks: these are not allowed in Portugal anymore.


14 - Breakdown/Accident-Collision

Our Company offers an assistance service which may be requested by the customers themselves whenever they need it The phone number is on the green card/insurance included in the documents of the vehicle inside the glove box. In case of breakdown or collision a taxi will be provided in order to take the client to the airport and have its replacement


15 - Driver License Requirements

There are no special requirements concerning this, we do need the valid driving license of the main driver and his valid passport or identity card.